What Is Aether?


Author: Albert
Published: 2 Dec 2021

The Aether

The aether is a missing component of physics that is needed to explain the wave nature of matter. The results of the experiment must be explained by any theory of waves that relies on an aether. The computer simulations can be used to determine the direction of the contraction of the length in the direction of motion.

The results are what they were recorded without the Lorentz factor considered. The aether is not a reality. There is a phase shift with length contraction considered.

The construction of temples dedicated to Aether

There is no proof that any temples dedicated to Aether or the other primordial gods were ever built, but there is a belief that they were.

The power of Arthur

Arthur named the ability God Step. Arthur was given a god-rune by the djinn after he found a crystal containing his memories. Arthur can move through distances in an instant with its power.

The Wild Hawk

The wild hawk is a symbol of bad morals in Christianity. The hawk is a symbol of a soul that has been converted into Christianity.

Aether Groups

Aether is not the same as ether, which is a chemical substance and the name given to a class of compounds containing an ether group. An ether group is made up of an oxygen atom and two aryl groups.

Aether, Crystals and the First Heaven

Mist is the energy found throughout the world of Final Fantasy XIV. It is a source of both magic and life, and disruption in its flow is either the cause or indicator of catastrophic events. Aether is released from the body and disappears from the physical realm.

Only a small amount of it can cross over at a time, and any excess remains to form a glowing mist, crystals, or even ghosts. More violent deaths tend to yield more excess aether. Aether flows throughout the planet.

The Black Shroud is rich in aether and has a cooperative Gridanians and a group of beings known as the Elementals. Aether makes the afflicted more aggressive and mad, and is considered dangerous in high concentrations. There are monsters in aether-abundant areas that are more threatening.

Living beings are affected by overexposure to aspected aether. The voidsent and sin eaters who were exposed to over-aspected amounts of Umbral and Astral aether are examples of such examples. The Sahagin and their Leviathan sometimes punish those who are exposed to a primordial's enthrallment by exposing them to over-aspected water aether, until they become abominations.

The first heaven is said to be the constellation "the Bole", representing Earth, and religious scholars believe in the existence of seven heavens created by the Twelve. The Bole to the Balance is the first of the heavens, followed by the Spire, Arrow, Ewer, and Spear, with the seventh and final heaven represented by the pole star. The elements are drawn to two polarities, Umbral and Astral, which represent active and passive states of aether, according to scholars.

The Reality Stone

The Reality Stone is one of the six stones. The Aether is a weapon created by the leader of the Dark Elves. It is known that it can convert matter into dark matter and bond in a way that makes it seem like it is living in a real world.

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