What Is Air Resistance Measured In?


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Published: 28 Nov 2021

Airway resistance measurements in lung volume

Also called airway resistance. The elastic nature of the tissue supports the small airway resistance changes with lung volume. It is not possible to measure airway resistance at a set absolute lung volume, therefore specific airway resistance attempts to correct for differences in lung volume at which different measurements of airway resistance were made.

Calculating Motion Parameters in Excel

The study of motion is complicated by the mathematics of drag. By using an approximation scheme and the calculational power of excel, you can develop a spreadsheet that can calculate motion parameters that are close to those in the real world.

The physics of supersonic flight

Here, Pd is the power needed to overcome the drag force, Fd is the drag force, v is the velocity, p is the density of the fluid, A is the cross-section area, and Cd is the speed of the object relative to sound. The cube of the velocity is power needs, so if it takes 10hp to go 80 kph, it will take 80hp to go 160 kph. doubling speed requires an application of eight times the power.

Waves are formed at the leading and trailing edges of the body in supersonic flight. In super fast flows bow waves will form. Waves are separated into two components, supersonic lift-dependent wave drag and supersonic volume- dependent wave drag.

The picture of an F-22 does not show supersonic flight. The aircraft is in a high-G turn which causes the pressure on the wing to decrease, but it does not correspond to supersonic flight. It would like a very small cone and not spread over the length of the aircraft.

Sears-Haack Distribution and Von Karman Ogive

The Sears-Haack Distribution is a closed form solution for the minimum wave drag of a revolution. The Von Karman Ogive is the shape for minimum wave drag.

Application Forces in Physics

An applied force is a force that is applied to an object by someone. If a person is pushing a desk across the room, there is an applied force acting on it. The person exerts force on the desk.

The normal force is the force that is put on an object by another object. If a book is resting on a surface, the surface exerts an upward force on the book in order to support it. On occasion, a force is applied between two objects that are in contact with each other.

The wall pushes against the person if they lean against it. The tension force is the force that is transmitted through a string, rope, cable or wire when it is pulled tight by forces acting from opposite ends. The tension force is directed along the length of the wire and pulls on objects on the opposite ends.

The Flow of Current through the Coil

Current must struggle to flow through the small coil of a toast, enough to heat bread. Light is generated by the thinness of the light bulbs.

Air permeability of textiles

In the first case, a material that is impermeable to air is also likely to be impermeable to water in either the liquid or vapor phase. The air permeability and the liquid-moisture transmission are related to each other. The yarn twist is important for woven fabric.

The density and circularity of the yarn increases as twist increases. The shape and area of the interstices between yarns can be influenced by yarn crimp and weave. The yarn extension would open up the fabric and increase the air permeability.

Increasing yarn twist may allow the more circular yarns to be packed closer together in a tightly woven structure with less air permeability. Textest AG, a company based in Switzerland, sells an air permeability tester that has some convenient automated features. The specimen has an automated system.

If you use a turn dial, you can easily change orifices. The air permeability of a fabric is a measure of how well it allows air to pass through it. The ease of passage of air is important for a number of fabric end uses such as industrial filters, tents, sailcloths, parachutes, raincoat materials, shirtings, downproof fabrics and airbags.

Air permeability is the volume of air in a single second through 100 s of the fabric at a pressure difference of 10mm head of water. The British Standard test shows the amount of air that can be sucked through a given area of fabric. The specimen is placed over the air inlet of the apparatus with the use of rubber gasket and air is sucked through it by a pump as shown in the picture.

Differential Pressure Measurements for Dust Collection Systems

There is resistance when air is moved through filters. The resistance is an indicator of the effectiveness of the filters and the cleaning performance. The differential pressure is the difference between the clean and dirty side of the filters.

Dust collection systems should be monitored for differential pressure. It's important that the differential pressure gauge is connected correctly and that the tubing is free of obstructions, which could distort the true reading. The clean air plenum is connected to the low pressure port.

The high pressure port is connected to the dirty air plenum, which is used to keep the readings stable and reduce the chance of dust moving to the gauge. Each dust collection system should have differential pressure readings recorded. If the differential pressure is zero and the dust collector is operating, it's an indication of a leak and that the air is not being properly sucked in.

The reading is at its lowest effective point when new filters are installed. The differential pressure increases as material builds up. The cleaning system cleans the filters to keep the differential pressure in the zone.

Air resistance of a bicycle

There are other methods to determine the air resistance of a bicycle. The method of rollout is used often. The bicycle rolls without pedaling over a section with a smooth surface and little wind.

Air resistance on a falling body

Air resistance acts upon a falling body by slowing it down to the point where it stops moving and then it falls at a constant speed. Air resistance on a large flat surfaced object is more effective than on a small stream-lined object.

IR Test of Isolation

The results from IR Test are not intended to be used to find defects in the insulation, but to give information the quality of the bulk material used as the insulation. Make sure the test circuit is tight. If the megger gives Integrity when not connected, and zero when the two terminals are connected together, then it's time to test it.

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