What Is Buddhism?


Author: Loyd
Published: 5 Dec 2021

The Dharma

The second jewel in the trio is the Dharma. Buddhists believe all Buddhas in the past, present and the future to be the same. It is part of what makes a Buddha.

Buddhist texts are being translated into local languages as Buddhism has spread across the world. Buddhism is seen as traditional and familiar in the East, unlike in the West where it is often seen as exotic and progressive. It is recognised as the state religion in Cambodia and Bhutan.

Buddhism as a religion

Some people don't see Buddhism as a religion in the normal sense because it doesn't include the idea of worshiping a creator god. Buddhist teaching is simple and practical, it says nothing is fixed or permanent, actions have consequences, and change is possible. Buddhism addresses itself to all people regardless of race, nationality, caste, sexuality, or gender.

It teaches practical methods that enable people to realise and use its teachings in order to transform their experience and be fully responsible for their lives. There are over 300 million Buddhists and a growing number of them are Western. They follow many different forms of Buddhism, but all traditions are characterized by non-violence, lack of dogma, and tolerance of differences.

Some Buddhist Practices

Buddhism is associated with meditation, but other practices are also important, and some Buddhists don't meditate. Some of the most popular Buddhist practices are discussed. Over time, Buddhist schools have evolved.

The Dalai Lammas

The Dalai Lama is a monk. The followers of the religion believe the Dalai Lama is a reincarnation of a past lama who will help humanity. The Dalai Lamas have been in existence for over a century.

Why is Buddhism unpopular in India and still influential in the Far East? It is odd that the religion originated in India but is very popular elsewhere.

Karma vs. Good and Bad People

Many people know about karma but few understand it. They might say that karma is when people get what they deserve. Good and bad people are 888-609- That is a very simplified version of the concept of karma.

The Quranic Teaching of the Yose

The central teaching of the yogis is, "Tah Tvam Asi." There is no dichotomy between God and the universe. The Quran says that the face of Allah is everywhere you look.

All the greatest religious scholars, such as Joseph Campbell, have realized that non-dualism is the heart of the spiritual traditions of the world. The novices quibble. Words and ideas are useful, but they can't always contain the truth.

The Buddha Nature is Inherent in All Beings

The Mahayana tradition teaches that Buddha nature is inherent in all beings. Everyone has the Buddha nature present within, just as they can strive for enlightenment.

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