What Is Eid Al-adha?


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Published: 7 Dec 2021

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The end of Hajja

The end of Hajj, a five-day pilgrimage all able-bodied and financially capable Muslims are obliged to undertake once in their lifetime, is marked by the event. The pilgrimage is believed to cleanse the soul of sins and instill a sense of equality, sisterhood and brotherhood.

The Feast of Sacrifice

Muslims around the world celebrate the holiday of Eid al-Adha, which is celebrated in Saudi Arabia. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Canada, there are celebrations. The Feast of Sacrifice is the second holiest day in the Muslim year.

The Islamic lunar calendar is 12 months long and it falls on the 10th day of Dhu al-Hijjah. The festival day is in June, July or August. The immediate family of the person who sacrificed the animal, their extended family and friends, and people in need are the groups that receive the meat.

Different animals have different numbers. A goat is one portion of meat. A cow or camel is counted as seven portions.

A large family may prefer to sacrifice a cow and give away seven portions, one for each member, instead of an individual sacrifice. Animals sacrificed during the festival are facing Mecca when they die. It is important that they don't suffer and feel little pain.

The head of the household or a person of authority in the community is the one who makes the sacrifice. The animals are prepared into a number of dishes. The first meal anyone eats on the day of Eid al-Adha is the sacrifice, which is different from household to household.

The story of Ibrahim

The story is designed to show Ibrahim's devotion passed the sternest test, and is similar to the story in the Jewish Torah and Christian Old Testament, where God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son. The sacrifice of a sheep or goat is celebrated on the holiday of Eid, although in Britain it is not allowed. The Arabic title of the festival means a period of rejoicing that comes back and again, and it is a public holiday in Muslim countries. The other major festival, which is called the breaking of the fast, is not called the festival of Eid al-Adha.

The Qurbani Meat

The Qurbani meat can be divided into three equal portions, one third for you and your family, one third for friends and the final third for those in need.

Eid ul-Adam

Muslims celebrate the holiday of Eid ul-Adha. The start of the festival of lights, called Eid ul-Adha, will be on Monday 19 July and end on Friday 23 July. Muslims go to the Mosque for prayers on the first day of the holiday.

They dress in their best clothes and thank Allah for all the blessings they have received. It is a time when they visit family. Poor people can celebrate too if Muslims give money to charity.

The Muslim World is Not the Same

Muslims sacrifice animals and give the meat to poor families in their neighborhood to celebrate the occasion of the festival of lights. Everyone will cook their favourite foods and share them with their family. Food is not the same in all of the Muslim world. In Arab countries, lamb is cooked whole with rice, whereas kebabs are a staple in the Indian subcontinent.

The Last Day of the Islamic Calendar

The last month of the Islamic calendar is the month of ZilHajj, which is when the festival of Eid is celebrated. There is no fix time for the two holidays. The Islamic events are not fixed like Christmas because they are decided by the position of moon.

All men and women are required to perform Hajj, a pilgrimage among the five pillars of Islam. The Islamic obligation of Hajj ends on the holiday of Eid al-Adha. Islam emphasizes equality most at the day of Eid.

The meat of the animal is divided into three parts, one for the person, one for family and friends and the third for the poor. The meals on the day are different in each country. In South Asia, the most prominent meals are Biryani, Qorma and Barbeque.

nasi dagang and Semur are popular dishes in Indonesia and Malaysia. Kebab and meat are popular in Arab countries. In some countries after the holiday of the same name, it is not a frequent practice.

The Day of Muhammad

Muslims will slaughter animal to show their devotion to Allah. A third of the meat is taken by the one who is offering the sacrifice, another third is given to friends and the rest is given to the poor and needy. It is believed that the day the prophet Muhammad delivered his farewell sermon to those who had accompanied him for the Hajj was the day. The day is when the message of Islam is said to have been completed.

Eid al-Ahadha: A festival of sacrifice

The festival of Eid al-Adha is important in Islam. Muslims sacrifice animals like goats, lamb or cow to mark the event and give a portion of the meat to those in need.

The Rise of the New Moon

There is a debate as to whether the idea of seeing the moon in your area should be referred to as a moon sight, which could be hampered by weather conditions, or whether to refer to it as a moon sight in Saudi Arabia. The rise of the new moon can be calculated with unprecedented accuracy, meaning that a standardised start date can be used for all Muslims around the world, rather than having variations.

The spread of Islam

Islam was originated in the Arabian Peninsula 1400 years ago and has since spread to form a majority of the population in the Middle East and many Asian and African countries. Islam is the second largest religion in the world with more than a billion people following it.

The Last Festival of the Muslims

The last month of the lunar Islamic calendar is when the last festival of the Muslims is celebrated, called Eid al-Adha. The Haji is the Mecca pilgrimage and the celebration begins after that. Everyone is required to wear their finest clothing for the prayer.

The meat is distributed to other people in the community. The meat is shared in a communal meal. Money is given to poor members of the Muslim community to buy meat for their meals.

Indonesia, Malaysia, Jordan, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates celebrate the holiday of Eid al-Adha. Festival of Sacrifice is not a public holiday in some countries. Businesses and Islamic organizations may be closed in some countries.

What do Muslims Do to Celebrate the New Year?

What do Muslims do to celebrate the holiday? Muslims around the world attend morning prayers on the first day of the holiday. Prayers are followed by visits with family and friends.

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