What Is Going On In Afghanistan Fox News?


Author: Albert
Published: 19 Nov 2021

A Conversation with Glenn Pangelinan

Glenn Pangelinan is a human intelligence officer who served multiple deployment with the US military in Afghanistan. He's worked hard to help veteran groups get vulnerable Afghan allies.

Fox News should not focus on Afghanistan

The media should cover each of those stories because they are important to the American people. Unless you're a Fox News correspondent, you're only allowed to tell stories that reflect poorly on President Biden or the Democrats. That's correct.

Fox News is appalled that the media is covering the news. Afghanistan should be the main story for Fox News despite the fact that there hasn't been any breaking news there in a week. The press was all over Afghanistan a week ago when thirteen service members and an estimated 150 Afghans were killed in a terrorist bombing.

The last of the American troops were evacuated from the country, along with the rest of the Afghan allies, in a successful and unprecedented operation. The reason that Fox is so focused on Afghanistan is that they think they can blame Biden. Biden isn't responsible for a hurricanes, the surge in the swine flu, or the laws coming out of Texas.

The other stories need to be set aside in favor of finding more ways to attack the President. Fox News is upset that the story they want to hype about Biden has been overshadowed by other stories. They think that a week old story should be the main focus of the news, even though it is still important and still being covered, and that the national weather emergency that has killed dozens of people and is still posing extreme hardship for millions of Americans should be the main focus.

The Taliban in Afghanistan

Four airliners are hijacked. Two people are flown into the World Trade Centre in New York. One crashes into the Pentagon building in Washington, and the other crashes into a field in Pennsylvania.

There are nearly 3000 deaths. The Taliban took power after a decade of Soviet rule and refused to hand over Bin Laden. Their air defences and small fleet of fighter aircraft are destroyed.

They are drawn into combat operations after they support reconstruction projects. More than 450 British troops have died in Afghanistan. The Taliban launch a number of attacks.

The parliament building in Kabul is being attacked. Islamic State began operations in Afghanistan. The Taliban are not a unified force.

The rescue mission in Afghanistan

The British rescue mission is underway as 6,000 Britons are trapped in the new Taliban state and the heroic UK ambassador stays behind to help. Biden stood firmly behind his decision to remove troops after the capture of the Afghan capital. August 19, 2021.

The White House: Why Americans are Outraged

The White House says that less than 200 Americans are in the country and want out, and most of them are dual citizens.

The Taliban and the New President

Many Taliban prisoners who were released by Team Trump immediately rejoined the fight. The release of Taliban co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar from a Pakistan prison three years ago was negotiated by the former president. The new leader of Afghanistan is expected to be the man who posed in pictures with Mike Pompeo.

The Contempt of Congress

Executive privilege is something. The president can use the power of the Constitution to prevent the other two branches of government from gaining access to certain internal executive branch information. What is the contempt of Congress?

People who defy congressional subpoenas are subject to a sanction. Congress can refer contempt citations to the Justice Department. Mr. Bannon was indicted on contempt charges for not complying with a subpoena.

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