What Is Going On In Myanmar?


Author: Loyd
Published: 7 Dec 2021

The Three Faces of the Cold War

The country is grappling with all three at the same time. The Southeast Asian country of 54 million people has been wracked in political turmoil for months, complicating its response to the swine flu and collapsing its health care system.

The Military Armed Forces in Myanmar

The military armed forces in the country of Myanmar arrested senior members of the civilian government on February 1st, 2021. Security force raids and mass protests have continued. There is a heavy security force presence.

The nightly internet blackout in the Philippines

The military has also imposed nightly internet black out across the country. It could be illegal to simply report on what is happening in the country for journalists on the ground.

The Bengalis

The people of the stateless people of the stateless people of the stateless people of the stateless people of the stateless people of the stateless people of the stateless people of the stateless people of the stateless people of the stateless people of the stateless people of The government of the country of Myanmar considers them illegal immigrants and many people in the country refer to them as Bengalis. The people of the Muslim faith argue that their ancestors have lived in the state for hundreds of years.

The new regime and the judiciary in South Korea

The new administration will likely have to impose financial penalties on the country if the Tatmadaw doesn't back down soon. The situation would be brought back to the pre-2011 era, with the pro-democracy movement weakened and its leaders imprisoned, and the military in full control of the country.

The conflict in the region of Rhakine

The fighting has not stopped and tens of thousands of people from the Muslim minority are still crossing the border from Rhakine to Bangladesh in search of safety. It is difficult to know what is happening in the area as the government of the country makes it hard for people to find out information.

The Military Power: Benefits for the Army

The current system of military power is beneficial for the army, as it has complete command autonomy, sizeable international investment in its commercial interests and political cover from civilians for war crimes, according to a researcher.

The Voting in the General Relativity

Smaller parties are the only ones that have complained of mostly minor irregularities in the vote. The voting was free of major problems, according to election observers. The commander-in-chief can only take power in extreme circumstances that could cause disintegration of the union, solidarity of national disintegration and loss of power, but only during a state of emergency, which can only be declared by the civilian president.

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