What Is Happiness Philosophically?


Author: Richelle
Published: 30 Nov 2021

The Nicomachean Ethics

The Nicomachean Ethics points out that many aims are only intermediate aims and are desired only if they make the achievement of higher aims possible. Intelligence, wealth, and courage are all valuable in relation to other things, while eudaimonia is the only thing that is not. It is a characteristic of the American culture that one is commanded to be happy.

How is happiness adapted?

An adaptive function is happiness. How is happiness adjusted? Positive vibes and wellbeing are associated with people being confident enough to explore their environments and approach new goals, which increases the likelihood of them collecting resources.

Flow is a cognitive-affective state where the challenge a task presents to a person is aligned with the skills that individual has to deal with such challenges. Having friends and social support is a source of happiness. To create more happy moments in life, send an email to a colleague or initiate a conversation with someone you haven't seen in a while.

As people come, take opportunities to interact with them. One way to lift mood and create happy moments is by engaging in physical activity. It has been shown that walking in nature increases happiness.

What is the Difference Between Short-Term and Long Term Happiness?

Got it? The next step is to define what the difference is between short-term and long-term happiness. You have to find out how much you value your happiness on the journey and how much you want to sacrifice in order to have a happier future.

The World Wide Economic Circle

A WEC leads to successful careers, loyalty in marriage, happy families, successful living, healthy environment, and enlightened and happy people and nations. All countries can advance with some level of parity. Educational enlightenment helps people see beyond their own narrow sphere of self and helps societies see beyond race, family, religion, colour, and national boundaries.

What makes life worth living?

Positive psychology has made a difference in psychological research over the past two decades. It says psychologists should investigate mental illness and what makes life worth living. Research shows that psychological flexibility is the key to happiness. Being open to emotional experiences and being able tolerate periods of discomfort can allow us to move towards a richer, more meaningful existence.

The World Philosophy Day

They teach us to think. To constantly question established truths and to look for solutions. The UN declared World Philosophy Day to be on November 16.

Seemingly disparate, scholasticism is one of the most interesting theories in the field. It is from the currents of Greek-Latin, Arab and Jewish. It was dominated by medieval thought.

The coordination between the two was the central idea. Both agree that objects cannot exist without the mind being aware of them. They claim that the human mind is the main factor in the external world.

Human Authority

Human authority can operate effectively under divine appointment by God if the leader appoints a cabinet to serve the people. His will is a representation of the checks and balance. A common spiritual purpose on earth links all humans regardless of race, culture, language, religion, or position of authority.

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The Ultimate Goal of Life

The ultimate goal of life is happiness, in the sense that the Atman and the Brahman are not the same and one can be the Self in all. Genetics do not predict behavior, so it is important to understand that when discussing genetics. It is possible for genes to increase the likelihood of individuals being happier, but they do not predict behavior.


Happiness is a superficial feeling. It is just like the feeling of orgasm. It can be manipulated to a large degree, and is a matter of luck.

If you have the skills to keep the rate of change positive, you will be happy. Happiness is not something to brag about. The more you expect and strive for a quick success in life, the more unpredictable and uncontrollable you are.

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