What Is Marketing Management Philosophy?


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Published: 19 Dec 2021

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The main focus of the marketers is the product quality, which makes them lose or fail to appeal to customers who want other factors like price, availability, and other factors.

Management of a large enterprise

In monetary terms, marketing is a process of selling and buying that is used to make money. It is part of the management phenomenon. The easiest way to follow the management is from the initial step to the implementation process.

The management is the only thing that is important in achieving the ultimate goal of an organization. The production orientation period is over. The organization and sales grew in the 19th century.

The quality of the product is the most important thing. If the quality is good, it doesn't need promotions or discounts. Customer orientation period.

The customers were important in the 1950s. The organizations should focus on their customers. The product is designed and manufactured after they understand their requirement.

The Selling and Marketing Concepts

It is a modified form of the product concept that focuses on selling and promotional efforts. There is more competition in the market. The company's management must increase its selling and promotional activities to increase its sales and profit.

The customers don't buy a product unless they are forced to do so. The companies need to reform their marketing strategies that cover large-scale promotions and selling activities. The selling and marketing are quite different.

The selling concept concentrates on the idea that first makes sense. Also sells through promotional activities. The marketing concept is based on the idea that first analyze the need or demand in the market.

Make the product accordingly. The marketing concept is not enough to cure the society's ills. The benefits of the customers are taken into account.

A Study on Marketing Management Philosophy

Marketing is a process. Everything in between is included in this activity. A company may not focus on all activities, but it can choose to focus one marketing philosophy like product concept or selling concept.

Let's take a look at the marketing management philosophy. They don't need to worry about selling or production since customer satisfaction is the main goal of the marketing concept. The consumer will pay an appropriate price for the product since they are fulfilling all their needs.

Holistic Marketing

It is often observed that innovations enter the market before the product is ready. Innovative products are launched without any awareness, education or value to the consumer, and they are likely to get a lower price. The success of the marketing concept depends on the culture of the enterprise.

If every department thinks about their customers and keeps them in the forefront of their decision making, the organisation can achieve a complete market oriented culture. A marketing strategy that considers the business as a whole, its place in the economy and society, and in the lives of its customers is referred to as aholistic marketing. Sales database has a history of contacts and customer profiles.

A Different Philosophy of a Company

Every company has a different philosophy. A company can have an idea that if production is done on a large scale, the cost will be less and the product will be sold automatically. The customers take care of the price of the products.

Marketing Management Philosophy

You can understand that marketing management involves analysis, planning, implementation, and control of goods, services, and ideas. Exchange is the idea behind the marketing management process. He is trying to find prospects and to get them to buy his products.

It doesn't explain the job being done by a marketing manager. You know that marketing managers do activities to achieve desired exchange outcomes. You should know which philosophy will guide you in your work as a marketing manager.

You should know how to look at your own interests, as well as the interests of your firm, customers, and society where you work. There could be conflicts in the interests of the parties. A marketing manager should be guided by a marketing management philosophy.

The philosophy that a company selects must be effective, efficient, socially responsible and appropriate. There has been a lot of use of marketing management. It is now a growing interest in all sizes of organizations.

It is only used by organizations of the developing countries. Producers of steel, chemicals, and paper realized the importance of marketing later on. It is not a surprise that some companies are not aware of the importance of marketing.

Marketing Concept: A New Approach to Organizational Problems

According to marketing concept, organizations should focus on analyzing the needs and wants of the target market and provide the desired satisfaction more effectively than competitors do. There is a difference between marketing and selling. The selling concept starts with the production of goods and ends with profits.

The Marketing Philosophy of a Company

The process of creating, communicating and delivering products for the customers is referred to as marketing. The marketing philosophy is to identify needs and fulfill them. Every company has different marketing requirements.

There are five marketing philosophies or concepts and a company should follow the right one for their needs and customer needs. The selling concept is not for a long time. Any product that can fulfill the needs of the customer should be included.

Marketing as a Philosophy or Function

The academic discipline of marketing has core schools of thought where marketing is seen as either a philosophy or function. Marketing is considered a philosophy in management thought. Marketing is seen as a department in the same way as accounting or personnel, if you use the alternative view.

Detailed version of the product idea

The idea that consumers prefer products that offer the most quality, performance and features is a detailed version of the new product idea. The idea is that the organisation should determine the needs, wants and interests of the target markets and deliver the desired satisfaction more effectively and efficiently than competitors.

Market-Oriented Management

3. Market-oriented. The marketing orientation philosophy states that the desire and needs of the consumers determine the company's goals. The consumers are considered the most important and a good relationship is to be maintained with them for a long time.

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