What Is Natural Selection Quizlet?


Author: Loyd
Published: 18 Nov 2021

Natural Selection

The process where organisms adapt to their environment leads to more offspring. The Darwinian theory of evolution states that organisms that are best adapted to their environment will continue to exist. Natural selection is a concept of evolution.

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The Bell Curve: A way to describe the characteristics of animals in a natural setting

Natural selection causes organisms to change over time. The environment is constantly changing and animals inherit their genetics from their parents. No organisms are perfectly adapted to their environment.

Natural selection is influencing the evolution of species. The population could be grey after a few generations of pressure. It depends on the genetics of the trait, but in some cases a single trait is selected for and the rest are lost from the population.

The black and white coat colors could become rare. When the predator changes, retaining the traits can be an advantage. If the owls and night predators were gone, it would better to be black.

It is important to consider the different characteristics of the same animals. Imagine a population of mice in the woods. Consider a trait that runs on a continuous scale instead of their color.

Imagine a mouse that is larger than a rat. The mice are different sizes and different species. The advantage of faster cheetahs over other ones is that they can support a larger family.

The giraffe population with the longest neck

Plants that are very tall are at risk of being blown over because of the exposure to more wind. Plants that are short are unable to get enough sunlight to grow. Plants that are a middle height between the two get both protection from the wind and enough sunlight.

Artificial Selection in Domestic Populations

Natural selection is a selection made by nature, while artificial selection is a selection made by a man. Natural selection produces a great biological diversity while artificial selection produces varieties of organisms such as improved crops and livestock. Artificial selection is used in domestic populations.

It is used to maintain beneficial traits over time. Natural selection only allows the environment to be passed down from generation to generation. Natural selection is the main process that allows organisms to adapt to their environment for better survival and increase the number of individuals in the population through interbreeding.

Natural selection is a significant contributor to evolution. Gene flow, genetic drift, and other factors drive evolution. Charles Darwin fully expounded the concept of evolution and natural selection.

The effect of industrial revolution the peppered moths is one of the most well-known evidence of natural selection. Light and dark color peppered moths were found on the tree trunks. Light color tree trunks were found in the environment before the industrial revolution.

The tree trunks were darkened by soot and other industrial things. The air pollution destroyed the lichens. Natural selection has been shown to include the prominence of the long-necked giraffe.

Sexual Selection

Natural selection is the difference in fitness among different organisms. The ability of survival and reproducibility of an organisms is used to measure fitness. Sexual selection involves the selection of traits based on their role in the process of courting and getting married.

It is the success of individuals in a population. The success of the marriage would be enhanced by the fact that the next generation would inherit the same characteristics. The sexual selection process is caused by the struggle between individuals of one sex for the other sex.

The concept of sexual selection can be divided into two parts, intersexual selection and sexual selection. The same sex are competing for the same sex. Intersexual selection is the choice of mates by one sex over another.

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