What Is Outline Planning Permission?


Author: Roslyn
Published: 27 Nov 2021

The cost of obtaining planning permission for an outline

The approval of Reserved Matters is required for the grant of outline planning permission. These are required to be approved before any work can be done on site. Some applications are more expensive than others.

For a dwelling on a plot of 0.2 hectares, it is likely to be twice the price to submit for outline than for full approval. The timescales for full applications are similar to those for outline planning permission. Major developments can take up to 13 weeks, while most minor applications are determined within 8 weeks.

Planning Permission for Building Improvement

Adding or altering existing buildings can be done with the help of planning permission, which allows the erection of new ones. The system is administered by local councils who have planning departments. If a home has changes or additions that need planning permission, then an outline planning permission is the first step.

If there is an object, the committee of local councillors will need to consider it. The decision will be made by a majority of the local planning committee. You or your agent will be given a chance to speak to someone.

Choosing the right route for your project

The best way to assess which route is right for your project is to get professional advice from an architect or planning consultant. They can help you decide on the best route for your situation.

An outline planning permission

An outline planning permission is an agreement between a developer and a strategic land owner that is based on the principle of a project rather than the whole project.

Getting Started with the Project

You can start the construction immediately after you have full permission. The developer can implement everything that was included in the full application, but only if there are conditions that need to be discharged.

Planning permission lapsing and the local planning authority

The planning permission lapsing occurs if the planning permission is not implemented within the required time limit. A further planning application would need to be made. A new application could be granted subject to different and more stringent planning conditions. The local planning authority may have updated its local plan in the intervening period, which can mean that any new application may be refused, if there is a change in the relevant policies.

A Guide to Building a House in Outline Permit

Subject to certain design conditions based on size and shape, outline planning permission grants are used to build a dwelling. Many developers choose a Full application over an Outline application because of the detailed design information required. If you have Outline permission, you will need to look at the approval document to see if you can build a house.

Achieving acceptable development in principle without putting together detailed drawings

It can offer developers and land owners assurance that development is acceptable in principle to the local planning authority without the costs associated with putting together a full planning application which would involve all the detailed drawings and detailed reports.

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