What Is Qibla Direction?


Author: Albert
Published: 29 Nov 2021

The Sun as an Indicator of Direction

The sun is a good indicator of direction, as it rises from the East and sets in the West. If you know where your current location is in relation to Makkah, you can figure out the directions by noting where the sun rises and sets.

The Direction of the Qibla

Locating the direction of the qibla is very easy. The great circle is used to show the direction of the qibla. The direction of qibla will be shown on the map when you enter your location.

You can find the landmark by zooming in the map. The best way to find the Qibla direction is to use a mobile application which provides both an online compass and the ability to locate the qibla using maps. You can find the direction to your house or location the HalalTrip.com and the mobile app for the iPad and the phone.

The app will show you the direction of the qibla. The user can enter the location the website and see the direction of the mosque. The Qibla direction in the United Arab Emirates is generally West.

The Direction that Muslims Face When Praying

The direction that Muslims face when praying is the Qibla. If you are west of Makkah, you should pray in the east. The direction in the US is South-East. If you are in Japan, you would face the South West, and if you are in South Africa, you would face the North East.

The direction of Ka'abah

The direction of Ka'abah in Mecca is the definition of Qibla. The app offers a compass for mobile with three different types of directions. Make sure to have your internet connection and location services enabled for accuracy and always be away from other electrical and electronic devices.

The direction of the Ka'bah

You can zoom in and out to find your location, and then click the desired place. A line will be drawn to show the direction of the Ka'bah.

Whars are untouched

Historians say that whars are untouched pious women. Muslim men have wives in Jannah. They were created and kept for Muslim men in a way that Jinn has never touched them.

The Kaaba is not a K"Ahler

You are in the middle of the Kaaba. If you turned around and faced the other way, you wouldn't be considered to face the kaaba.

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