What Is Qoq?


Author: Roslyn
Published: 23 Nov 2021

Amazon Stock Price Plunges After a Very Strong Fourth Quarter

QOQ allows a business to monitor changes and progress toward goals. It can give valuable information about how a company is performing and allow the company to respond to changes if they are required. The market can be affected by a company's earnings report.

A disappointing earnings report can cause the stock to plunge as investors try to sell off the stock before it goes down. In the third quarter of last year, Amazon's earnings exceeded analysts' estimates, but the company's guidance for the fourth quarter fell short of expectations, and the stock price plunged. The last quarter of the year is usually Amazon's busiest.

Growth of the Gross Domestic Product as an Indicator for Economic Performance

If the rate of change continued for four quarters, the percent change would be shown. The rate is calculated by adding up the four quarters. GDP gives information about the size of the economy and how it is performing.

The growth rate of GDP is used as an indicator of the economy's health. An increase in real GDP is seen as a sign that the economy is doing well. Employment is likely to increase when GDP grows and people have more money in their pockets.

Living standards in the US are affected by GDP growth due to inflation, and therefore a higher real GDP improves the standard of living. Employment often declines when GDP is falling, as it was in many countries during the recent global economic crisis. GDP may be growing, but not fast enough to create enough jobs for everyone.

Real GDP growth does move in cycles. The bond market is likely to react positively if the economy is growing at a slower pace than expected. If GDP figures exceed expectations, interest rates may be raised, meaning bond prices will fall and yields will rise.

The Growth Signal of the Future

Growth numbers will give conflicting signals to investors. The aggregate numbers will be weak, but it will be an average based on sectors that are expected to report good and bad numbers. Here's a closer look.

Real Estate Market in India after the Pandemic

The residential real estate sector is showing signs of recovery after being negatively affected by the Pandemic. The Magicbricks PropIndex report for the July-Aug-Sept 2021 quarter shows a 13 percent increase in demand in India. The housing market in the area is expected to pick up further due to the reduction in cases of COVID-19 and the ongoing festive season.

Pre-tax Profit of the Telecom Company

The net profit of the telecom company is expected to be around Rs 675.8 crore, as a result of tax outgo of Rs 864.8 crore. The pre-tax profit could be over Rs 2,162 crores.

The growth of the western suburbs

The western suburbs have the highest house values in the city. The area has seen a small increase in the prices of houses over the last three months, a sign that the region is growing in popularity with buyers looking for freestanding property.

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