What Is Right Wing Extremism?


Author: Lisa
Published: 3 Dec 2021

The Wolverine Watchmen: A New Age of Terrorism

According to court documents, their goal was to start a civil war that would lead to societal collapse. Fourteen men have been arrested on charges of terrorism. The group that they are linked to is called the Wolverine Watchmen, which preaches anti-government and anti-law enforcement views.

The rise of middle-class white males is leading to increased toxic masculinity in society, as evidenced by the increased popularity of the manosphere to share extremist ideas and vent their grievances. Law enforcement agencies are concerned that the manosphere and similar online communities are encouraging young men to commit violence to achieve their goals. The increase in right-wing terrorism is not limited to the U.S.

The UN Security Council's Counterterrorism Committee says there has been a huge increase in right-wing terrorism around the world. The top international security policy-makers ranked right-wing extremists among the top global security threats at the conference. It would appear that the world is at the beginning of a new age of terrorism.

The Pathways to Violence: A Survey of Right-Wing Extremists

There is a strong evidence base regarding the pathways towards violence that right-wing extremists have. Most research is qualitative with small sample sizes. It shows the common factors that shape the right-wing.

Both quantitative and qualitative studies have established the role of background factors in the lives of people. There is very little work that focuses on the right-wing pathways to violence in the UK. There is less evidence about protective factors or issues that can help mitigate the risk of an individual engaging in extremism.

Only a few studies have looked at protective factors in relation to right-wing extremists. The internet appears to be more involved in the pathways of right-wing extremists. There is little research on how people transition through different online spaces.

Two points of caution should be noted, given the limited number of studies that interview right-wing extremists. Those who take part in research studies may not be the same people as other right-wing extremists. The majority of people interviewed have stopped engaging in Extremism and are not interested in continuing to do so.

The Pain Ends

Public spaces, including schools, concerts and other public events are vulnerable to attack by right-wing extremists as the global PAIN ENDS. The director of National Intelligence recently warned that there would be more violent attacks. It seems that the worst may be yet to come.

Right-wing extremists: What have they done wrong?

Jones defined right-wing extremists as "sub-national or non-state entities" with goals that could include ethnic or racial supremacy. They can also be marked by anger against certain policies, such as abortion rights and government authority, as well as hatred toward women, or they may be members of the "involuntary celibate," or "incel," movement. The former head of counterterrorism for Britain's Defense Ministry said that the rising right-wing extremists in America are not as significant as the growing right-wing extremists in the U.K.

We have taken away their communication platform. The coronaviruses is taking away the analogue platform of "in real life", together with the media attention that Hegghammer described as the "lifeblood" of modern jihadist terrorist attacks. The internet activity of would-be jihadis may have increased during the lock-down because they are no longer interacting with people in person.

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