What Is Riot Vanguard?


Author: Lisa
Published: 13 Dec 2021

The Gamer's Guide to Using the Player-Aware Tool

The company has made some changes recently which allow players to stop playing the game if they don't want to, but many security experts are still raising red flags about how the tool works.

Vanguard: A Trojan War in Riot

The anti-cheat software that is packaged with the new shooter, called Vanguard, has been the focus of much of the talk. The name is appropriate because it starts with Windows and keeps an eye on other processes even if you're playing Valorant. If a security vulnerability is found in Riot, the consequences could be worse than if a vulnerability were found in regular software.

When it was first introduced, it prevented certain temperature monitors, fan controllers, and overclocking tools from running because it blocked certain drivers. It's not clear at this time. When the closed alpha started, the banning system was incomplete, and sometimes Riot waits to ban people in waves rather than immediately showing its hand to cheat makers.

Riot's anti-cheat arsenal includes Vanguard. The players recommended that the software that they were running should be allowed, but that they should not play it unless they reboot and make sure that they don't run. Riot has said it's going in that direction.

What is the Riot?

You don't know what Riot is doing with the information it gathers from your computer at the end of the day. It could be innocent, they could be trying to reinforce their anti-cheat, or they could be selling any info they gather about your machine.

The Vanguard is not the only anti-cheat in Riot Games

According to Riot Games, 98% of players have never been reported for cheating. The remaining 3% of players were not reported. Less than three players have reported 98% of the players.

Only 0.6% of players have received more than one cheating report. The numbers are impressive, which means that the job is done almost always by the Vanguard. The percentage of cheaters detected by Valve's VAC is the same as the percentage detected by the Vanguard.

The anti-cheat is non-invacous. " Despite being an "always-on" anti-cheat, the Vanguard does not perform any better.

The Riot Vanguard Service is not Running in the Background

You need to exit the game and close the game. Try to run the game again after restarting your PC. Sometimes, a game and Windows system rebooting can fix issues.

The Riot Vanguard service should be completely closed and not running in the background. To check that, head over to the system tray icon and click on Exit Vanguard. If you want to check the Riot Vanguard, go to Task Manager and check Processes.

A Hotfix for Vanguard

If the driver is not started as soon as you boots up, you will not be able to log into Valorant. The reason Riot is still using a driver that is a kernels mode is because it has become the norm in many titles. We're shipping a hotfix for Vanguard in an hour to make it compatible with cheat-vulnerable drivers.

Most of the drivers that were blocked are now working. The game will not start if some egregious ones are present. Thanks for the feedback.

Valorant and Vanguard: A Review

Riot is constantly updating both Valorant and Vanguard, and a lot of people are playing with zero issues. Riot has announced plans for an esports league after the game was a huge success on the platform. A few professional players have abandoned games like Counter-Strike and Fortnite in favor of Valorant.

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