What Is Safety Management System In Aviation?


Author: Albert
Published: 24 Nov 2021

Safety Management System in Aviation

A safety management system in aviation is a set of processes and tools to manage a structured safety program. Safety management in aviation is not new. There were safety management programs in other industries before man started flying.

Operators have a problem when trying to manage individual elements in different systems. They discover that their data is being managed in many different systems. Operators with more than 40 employees need an SMS database to manage their documentation requirements.

Safety in the Wild: From Reactive to Predictive Thinking

Technology and system improvements have made a difference to safety. Being safe is about paying attention to what your surroundings are telling you. The first step in moving from reactive to predictive thinking is recognizing that there are many opportunities to stop an accident.

SafetyNet: A robust software supplier investigation system for the aviation sector

Selecting the right software supplier is important. The selection of the right supplier and software can affect the safety objectives of an organisation. Understanding the heritage of the supplier is worth it at the beginning.

An aviation focused supplier can provide benchmarking information and networking between your airline and their other clients, and they can understand the aviation environment. The selection of a partner that understands the issues faced by aviation organizations in today's busy and dynamic commercial environment is a prerequisite for any business that is focused upon the safety of its operation. SafetyNet is a robust safety management reporting system and investigation solution that has been designed to facilitate the submission of safety-related reports in a consistent and cohesive fashion.

The application was designed by taking input from some of the UK's leading airlines to address issues identified in their operations. The report can either be forwarded for investigation or closed on receipt. The reporter is informed by email.

Reporters are sent the results of any investigation so that they can observe the management actions. SafetyNet is an application that has been designed for the aviation sector based on feedback from the industry. SafetyNet is a cloud-based utility that can be used to automate report distribution to internal and external parties.

What is Risk?

There is a misconception that hazard occurence leads to risk occurence. When there are inferior non-existing risk controls in place, the hazard occurence can be prevented from escalating. Many hazardous situations are successfully mitigated everyday.

It's important to be clear about what type of risk you're talking about. You should be aware of the risk being discussed based on the context. Being aware of the two sides of risk will help you be aware of the conversation's context and avoid confusion.

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