What Is Sap Concur App?


Author: Albert
Published: 24 Nov 2021

Reporting Access

There are three types of reporting access, it can be used to delegate a function to each user. The assignment role defines the data and the functions that are accessible to users.

Managing expenses and invoices with the mobile app of an IT company

The mobile app of the company allows you to manage expenses, travel, and invoices from your phone. Road warriors can stay productive from anywhere and managers can keep track of their expenditures.

Exception Collection in SAP Concur

Exception Management is used in the solution manager to collect exceptions for the company. They can be used for monitoring in the Interface and Monitoring Connection after they are collected in Exception Management. The exception collection from the Concur integration add-on makes it possible for you to connect the actual cloud service to the solution manager.

The ABAP system has a log store for the exception collection. The step 'Define Scope' is where you should go. You can use an existing scenario or create a new one.

The on premise system for the SAP Concur scenario should be part of the interface and connection monitoring scenario. The collection schedule and thresholds are maintained in the next step. Click 'Next' in the main guided procedure to move to the step 'Activation' after you have maintained all your channels.

Booking Travel with a One-Stop System

Booking travel can be done in one place. You don't have to look for the receipts for airfare, hotels, or anything else because your expenses are already in concur.

Line Manager Approval for a Trip

Employees can request line manager approval for a trip before booking it. It can be used with Travel and Expense only and covers the usual needs. It is also used to request an advance.

Supported Languages in Mobile App

The language on the mobile app is determined by the language settings on your device. The mobile app of the company is English if the device language is not supported. Click Supported Languages by Product to see which languages are supported.

A Simple and Efficient Solution for Expense Management

The expense management system of the same name is not the only thing that is offered by the company. It is a system that allows businesses to organize and monitor their expenses in a timely manner, while easing the process of claiming money back when needed. One of the best features of the solution is that it is used to eliminate manual expense reporting processes, which can be very time- consuming for most businesses.

If you don't have tech know-how, it's even more important to have easy use. Fortunately, the solutions from the company are easy to use. The ease of use of the training videos makes them not a must.

The guide that you can find from the company is very detailed and will teach you all the basics. Some people might think that the pricing plans of the company are obvious. Interested customers can only request a quote from the company in order to get an estimate of their costs and then work their way through return on investment to check if it is worthwhile for their business.

The pricing of services and functions can be tailored to your business, so it's important to understand that the pricing is dependent on business. It costs $9 per user per month and has limited features. Expense reports and spending management are only provided by Abacus, which is not as good as the other two companies.

Concur Expense: A Single App for Travel, Discrepancy Management and Invoicing Applications

Expense, travel, and invoicing applications from the same company as Concur Expense. Expense reports can be submitted with the help of a mobile app, and complete expense management can be found in the app. If Concur Expense is a good fit for your business, you should find out.

New users will feel comfortable with the simple user interface that Concur Expense has to offer. ExpenseIt has been added to Concur Expense so you can snap a photo of a receipt and have ExpenseIt do the rest. When your vendor can send a copy of the receipt directly to you, why take a photo of it?

Signing up for e-receipts eliminates the need to take receipt images from your phone. If you think that the system is a good fit for your business, you can contact them directly or sign up for a test drive. The support portal has access to the client support phone number.

The chat feature in the application can be used by admins to open a support case. Users can access the help desk by following the same process. Users can use the chat feature in the application, just like admins.

One of the biggest benefits of using Concur Expense is the ability to easily capture expenses by snapping a photo. The mobile app has an extensive feature that allows you to snap receipt photos, upload them to Concur Expense, create an expense report, and submit for approval. The single application in the suite of travel and expense management applications, called Concur Expense, makes it better suited for larger businesses that want to combine multiple travel and expense management applications into a single expense management solution.

Concur Expense: An invoice management system for business

The software solution called Concur Expense allows companies to take control of their spending, no matter where it happens. Through this, organizations can capture spend from multiple sources, base business decisions on accurate data, and simplify the expense management process. An invoice management system is a software that helps automate the accounts payable process. Businesses can automate the capture, processing, and payment of invoices, which will end paper invoices and manual processes, speed up approvals, reduce errors, and enforce policy compliance.

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