What Is Sap Concur System?


Author: Albert
Published: 24 Nov 2021

Cloud-based Travel and Expense Management

Businesses in the travel and expense industry are using cloud-based solutions to speed up their day-to-day activities and make their work process easier. They are always looking for new tools to increase productivity and cut costs. Cloud solutions allow everyone to remain on the same page and boost team collaboration.

Employees have their own preferences when it comes to business travel. Fair rules are applied to every employee. It is easier for management to spot fraud cases with the help of Concur.

Maintaining accurate data is important for your finance-related tasks. All your data is totally reliable because of the fact that you can import feeds from multiple sources. You can use the mobile app to manage your travel and expenses.

Using the ConcurExpense to Manage and Track Employees' Medical Insurance Claims

Employees can use the Concur Expense to submit their expenses on the go. Managers can approve or reject claims from any device. The finance team has a chance to review and process the approved expenses before posting them to your financial system for payment.

Line Manager Approval for a Trip

Employees can request line manager approval for a trip before booking it. It can be used with Travel and Expense only and covers the usual needs. It is also used to request an advance.

Using E-Receipts to Decrease the Charge of an Employee'S PCARD

If a cost center is not available in the search results, you should contact your Financial Office. The Financial Officer can work with the support of the company to resolve the issue and the expense may need to be distributed to the appropriate cost center once the detail posts. Individual meals purchased with a PCARD are not provided.

The per diem meals must be included to net against the amount deducted for the PCARD meal. The Deduct from Reimbursement box must be checked when a traveler uses a PCARD for an expense that is reimbursed as per diem. Also, note:

The amount will be offset against the traveler's reimbursement when the Deduct from Reimbursement box is checked. If no reimbursement is given, the amount will be deducted from the employee's pay. Receipts can be deleted from a report if it has an approval status of "Not filed" or "Sent back to employee".

There can be report level and expense level receipts. The level is what determines how the deletion is done. Users can take a picture of a receipt and then automatically download it into the available receipts.

Images of receipts can be used to attach expenses to an expense report. Yes. The final receipts can be sent directly into the SAP Concur account with the PCARD charge attached.

Yes Elf: A Cost-Efficient Self Training System for Employees

You would save money. The initial training costs twelve thousand man-hours, which the learners will forget when it's time to apply. The information will be forgotten in a week.

The initial training is free of charge and there are other ways of self- learning available. The company will still be hit with the cost of time taken away from work. In the example above, YesElf would guide each employee from the beginning until they submit their travel and expense report at the end.

Reporting Access

There are three types of reporting access, it can be used to delegate a function to each user. The assignment role defines the data and the functions that are accessible to users.

XML-CDM: A tool for managing travel

All the information is in one place, easy to find and access from any location. Integrating travel should provide greater value. It is easy to use as an administrator.

Integration of SAP Concur and its Compiler

The SAP ConcurAPI can be used to integrate the two systems. Expense data captured in the SAP Concur program is uploaded to them.

SFTP: Secure File Exchange in Cloud Integration

The files are exchanged using a secure method. SFTP is a tool that can be used within cloud integration and interacts with other applications.

Receipt Audit: A Governance Layer for Discrepant Claims

It also decreases the likelihood of late expense claims, which can provide a benefit to finance and financial processes, such as the period close. It also streamlines the process for the approver and the person who pays the claim, as well as the experience for the submitter. The paper-based system can be difficult to use, and the effort needed to administer a paper-based claim can make it difficult to approve claims.

According to the company, by highlighting when claims are non- compliant and providing mitigation justifications, approvers query less claims and the subsequent approved claims are more compliant with policy. Receipt Audit is a governance layer that is used to ensure captured data is compliant with the policies and provisions of the organization. Receipt Audit can be used to detect fraud and also to identify incorrect data entry.

The Conne System Supports Several Destinations

The conne system supports several destinations. The standard solution has en_US as the default locale for all the countries. You can specify additional locations in the table below.

If that's a new implementation, you can look at the structure of the APIs. That can be provided by a technical consultant. They know what the Native integration uses are.

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