What Is Timid Nature In Pokemon?


Author: Albert
Published: 8 Dec 2021

Timid: A Super-Cameron

Many Pokemon who benefit from a calm nature tend to run more defensive moves but still have a strong attack. The Pokemon that does well with Calm is Hatterene. Timid raises his speed and lowers his attack. It is ideal for Pokemon that hit hard on the special side and need to be fast so that it can move first.

The statistics that were increased and decreased by nature after HeartGold

The games after HeartGold and SoulSilver tinted the statistics that were increased and decreased by nature. The stat that has increased by 10% will be red and the stat that has decreased by 10% will be blue.

The Statist of the Player

The stat the player chooses determines the stat the Nature increases or decreases. The player can change the Nature at any time by paying Madame Celadon again.

Natures and Base Stat

Natures are a part of what makes Pokemon unique. They are applied to each Pokemon after they are captured. The 25 Natures will increase one Base Stat by 10% and decrease another Base Stat by 10%. The base stat in red is the one that is boosted while the blue is the one that is decreased in Pokemon's summary of stat.

The power of the solitons

They can make a decent presence in a new location and appearance on the land as if they were a part of the place. They will see how the land can be used for good, and how it will not be profit-making. They have the power to make bonds with friends and helpers.

Does Nature Matter?

Does a Pokemon's nature matter? They don't matter much to anyone. You can level up to beat any in the game, so you don't need to keep an eye on it.

IVs and EV'

IVs can only boost you from 1 to 31 in each stat, but they can do each stat and give you 186 points. IVs give you a higher total boost than EVs, but they can give you a larger boost in two single stat.

The Power of Pokemon

If you don't pay attention to the random EVs that come your way, you'll accumulate them as you gain experience. You will want to make your Pokemon perform better in your team. You can only have a maximum of 510 Pokemon in total, and only have a maximum of 252 EVs in a single stat, so you'll have enough to max out 2 stat points.

You can save the game before you buy a Nature stone, if you use Pokedollars or BP. If you don't like the nature of the Pokemon, just close the game and restart it, and use the Stone on the desired Pokemon. It is recommended to buy at least 5 Nature Stones, as each stone has a set of natures it will give.

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