What Is Today In Spanish?


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Published: 17 Nov 2021

Today is the Day: Saying or Understanding a Date

Today is the day! You will learn to say what day it is in Spanish on this day. Chances are sooner or later you'll find yourself in a situation where you need to say or understand a date, whether you're learning Spanish for fun, for work, or for some other reason.

The Cultural Evolution of Spain

Spain has relaxed its censorship since the 1970s. Sexual freedom is accepted. Visitors to Spain may notice more uncensored sex films and sexually explicit content on television.

Prostitution and brothels are advertised in newspapers across the country. There is a lack of sexual education and education regarding contraception in Spanish society. In many countries around the world, the increasing role of women in society is one of the greatest changes in values and culture.

There are more women in the workplace. Women are graduating from Spanish universities. Women no longer need a husband's approval to work, own property or travel since Franco's time.

In the early 1980s, divorce was legalized in Spain. The size of the family unit is one of the most common signs of cultural change. Marriage rates have declined since the mid-1970s.

More couples have no children or more than two. The number of families living in the same household has decreased over the years. The family unit of today is not the same as the family unit of yesterday.

The Spanish-Puest Language in the United States

Spanish is the most common second language in the US, with over 50 million total speakers, and it is used in public services and notices. Spanish is used in New Mexico. The language has a strong influence in major metropolitan areas such as those of Los Angeles, Miami, San Antonio, New York, San Francisco, Dallas, and Phoenix.

Easter Island is a part of Polynesia in the Oceaniand politically part of Chile. Rapa Nui is the traditional language of Easter Island. In Central America, weted is a formal pronoun used to convey respect between the members of a romantic couple.

In the South American regions of Venezuela, the Usted is used between parents and children. The intelligibility of the written Spanish and Portuguese languages is high, but the difficulties of the spoken forms are based more on the written form. Estimates of the similarity between languages are given by Ethnologue.

The figure is 89% for Spanish and Portuguese. Italian is phonologically similar to Spanish, but has a lower similarity to words. The intelligibility between Spanish and French is lower than between Spanish and Romania, with a 75% and 71% similarity.

Sephardic Jews were expelled from Spain the 15th century and the descendants of them still speak Ladino in Portugal. The relationship between Spanish and Yiddish is similar to that of German and Yiddish. Sephardic Jews with family roots in Turkey, Greece, or the Balkans are almost exclusively Ladino speakers today, with a few Hispanic communities in the United States.

Jota: 'el ritmo musical de la vida

Traditional styles of music are still being played in Spain. Jota is a blend of the guitar, castanets, tambourines and the flute. The style is said to originate in Aragon, and you can see variations from one region to another.

Venus, Pay Day and Fournes

Venus is the goddess of prosperity. If you think of Friday as Pay Day, it could help you remember viernes.

The Congress of Deputies: A Plurinational Federation

The Congress of Deputies has more power than the Senate, but it can overturn a veto by a majority. The only power it has is that of the autonomously-governed communities, which is in line with its nature of "territorial representation". The Senate is the institution that can authorize the Government to take action when it fails to fulfill its constitutional duties.

The King appoints the deputy prime ministers and other ministers after the prime ministers propose them. The scope of competences of each of the ministries is established by the prime minister. A ministry is usually created to cover a certain sector of government.

The "Council of Ministers", which is the Government's meeting room, is usually held at the Palace of Moncloa in Madrid, the official residence of the prime minister, but they can be held in any other Spanish city. The meeting can be presided by the King of Spain, if the prime minister requests it. The central government has been asymmetrically devolution and transferred power to the communities after the 1978 constitution.

Each community has a Statute of Autonomy that governs it. The basic institutional law is the Statute of Autonomy, which is approved by the legislature of the community and the Spanish Parliament. The Statutes of Autonomy give the name of the community, delimitation of the territory, the organization and seat of the institutions of government, and the competences that they assume.

The two cities have limited competences. The president is the major of the city. Legislative power is vested in a local Assembly in which the city councilors are the deputy.

Spain: a beautiful country with many rich and poor

There are lots of poor immigrants from places like Eastern Europe, South America and Morocco who will do anything to survive in Spain, which is very close to some very poor African countries. Madrid has a vibrant nightlife and is home to three major art museums. The capital city can be warm in the summer and cold in the winter, but most residents leave for the coast.

The Canary Islands have great weather. Lots of competition has made long term rentals and lets on the islands very affordable. The islands with the most cost-effective are Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

The zodiac signs in Guatemala and the Mayan horoscope

The Chinese celebrate the year of the rat in the 12 animal signs of the zodiac. The year you were born determines your zodiac, which is a collection of animals and plants. The system in Guatemala is similar.

The nahuales are used in the astrology of the Maya. The date you were born determines your nahuales. The planetary positions of each zodiac sign are used to calculate a horoscope.

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