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Author: Richelle
Published: 26 Nov 2021

The Medical Cult: Why Do Some People Think Vaccines are Prescribed?

If you haven't seen it yet, you should because it's not effective yet and it's not effective because things that make you weaker are more effective. Getting it yet? The vaccine cult is doing well.

Trump is a loser and a drug salesman. Republicans that call themselves "patriots" should dump him because they think he's the super hero that will save the day. Calveras county voted to reject state demand to use their kids as psycho serial killers' experimental lab rats, bucking the state's bully tactics.

Great leaders are not acting out of fear of a "viruses" that does not exist. The promise was to be fulfilled and you could have your life back. The people that refuse government and convicted felons are the conspiracy spotters that saw their lies from the beginning.

"Admitting they lied" is the real problem. The definitions of vaccine and immunity have been changed. Vaccines now include warp speed penetrations that did not go through the usual 10 year study process and they claim they only provide protection like a dollar store umbrella.

The mRNa penetration is like a hare and the old vaccines that were very slow to reach the finish line are like a turtle. The speaker of the Wise Traditions Conference noticed the fraud of Fauci for 21 years and in 2015 noticed the players made statements showing their planned fraud. David has a lot of knowledge about removing the shield of corporate immunity for the use of dangerous drug products.

A Formula for Displaying the Current Date in a Spreadsheet

The below formula is useful if you want the current date to always be displayed in the current date section of the spreadsheet, regardless of when you open it. The date can be supplied to a formula in a format that is understandable by the spreadsheet, or it can be used as a reference to the cell containing the date.

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