What Is Today Weather Nyc?


Author: Richelle
Published: 27 Nov 2021


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An Emergency Plan with Your Family

Be sure to be prepared. An emergency plan with your family will help you in an emergency.

A guide to the seasons

A guide to the seasons can help you plan your wardrobe in New York City, which can vary from day to day. View the details on accuweather.com for current weather conditions.

The Weather in New York City

The best and mildest temperatures occur in September, October, May and June, but vacations during the snowy winter or the hot summer can be exciting. The weather can affect what you need to bring on your trip, whether you want to watch a firework display or not. The heat and winds die down in the summer in the city, which makes it feel even hotter than it is, and the humidity levels can get high in the later part of the season.

There are many ways to cool down, like swimming at Coney Island or seeing a Broadway show in Times Square. In New York City, you can expect precipitation for almost half of the month in January, February, September, and October. Late spring and winter 800-273-3217

The weather is cold, wet, damp, and likely snow. It can between 25-35 degrees, but can range from 10-40 degrees. It can get below zero with a wind chill.

When the white stuff ends, you can break out a good set of boots. March is not as cold as February, but you still need a warm coat. You're more likely to see 40's as a high in March if the temperature is 30-50 degrees.

If it gets past 70, it can happen, but usually a storm follows, so consider yourself blessed if it gets past 65. The best time to be in NYC is during the heat wave in April. Bring an umbrella, warm coat, and gloves.

It has been known to snow in April every few years. There are puddles in the subway station entrances. You can plow through puddles in wellies, without getting your feet wet.

The best time to be in New York City is in the spring. June sees a 90 degree day, but the spring season usually means less humidity and warmer temperatures. It usually feels nice the first time around when a heat wave strikes.

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