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Published: 24 Nov 2021

PrepScholar: An Effective Test of English as a Second Language

The TOEFL focuses on how English is used in an academic setting, which is why schools and universities use it for admissions purposes. The reading passages in the test are more academic and use high-level vocabulary. It is possible to get a good score studying alone.

If you are worried about the TOEFL and are struggling to improve your score, PrepScholar is the most effective course. The listening section of the test of English as a second language is completely different. Each listening section will have four to six lectures with six questions each and two or three conversations with five questions.

The speaking section of the test is more difficult than the reading or listening section. Each speaking section will follow the same pattern so you can prepare yourself for it. You can even create template phrases that you can match to different topics.

Even small preparations can give you more confidence. English is the language of TV shows and movies. You can read news in English.

The Primary Test of TOEFL Family

Extra, uncounted material will be included in one of the sections. Extra material is included in the Educational Testing Service to pilot test questions. When a test is given a longer section, test-takers should give equal effort to all of the questions because they don't know which question will count and which will be considered extra.

If there are four reading passages instead of three, one of them will not be counted. The uncounted one could be any of the four. The primary test of the TOEFL family is also called the primary test.

It is designed for students between the ages of eight and eleven. The test is divided into 3 parts, reading and listening, and speaking. They will be expected to take either the step 1 or step 2 test if they are not proficient in English.

Test Centres in China: How to Apply

The test can be offered in paper form if the test centre does not have an internet connection. Educational institutions and governmental agencies in over 130 countries accept the scores of the TOEFL. Some courses require a minimum score on the TOEFL to proceed onto the course, which is an admission requirement.

Minimum score requirements can between 61 and 100 depending on the course. If you want to apply to a university, you should check the admission requirements to see if the test scores are required. If you are able to find a test centre that will carry out your test, then that is the next step.

Taking the test at university

International students planning to go to undergraduate or graduate programs make up a large portion of the test takers of the TOEFL. Scholarship seekers, students, and workers applying for visas are some of the people who may take the test. You can find out if you need to take the test.

The e-tau test for free trial products

You can check the prices before you register, and there are multiple ways to register. The test has a limited validity.

The Xiaomu-Alam Scholarship for Communication and Academic Excellence

The scholarship is awarded for academic excellence and English communication skills. The scholarship is available to test takers from China, India, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

Paper-Based Test

The internet-based test format of the test is very popular in most of the places around the world. There are places that do not have proper internet access and that's why the paper-based test is the best solution.

Test of English Language as a Foreign language

The test of English language as a foreign language is known as the Test of English Language as a Foreign Language or the TOEFL. The exam is used to assess the ability of applicants to communicate in English in around 130 countries. The format of the questions is different as TOEFL comprises of multiple choice questions while the other is a question with different forms like fill in the blanks, short answers, etc.

The duration of both exams is a prominent difference. It will take you 4 hours to complete the test, but it will take you 2 hours to complete the test. The speaking test in the English language will be face to face for all the candidates, while the speaking test in the other language will be recorded through a microphone.

The maximum duration of the tests is between 10 and 15 minutes. The option to attempt a speaking test before the other tests in IELTS is an important distinguishing factor in the comparison of the two tests. The listening skill test is very different from the other exams.

Students can answer the questions while listening to the recording of the test. There will be long and short questions. The test will be based on classroom lectures and applicants will take note of it.

Students have to solve multiple choice questions in a given time frame. The primary English test at all the top universities is the TOEFL exam. It is accepted by over 8,500 institutions in 130 countries.

Getting an Email from the Test Center

You will get an email from the test center about ten days after you take the test. You can find your scores by logging in to your account. The score on the test will be valid for 2 years after the exam.

The Test of Knowledge in Exchange Programs

Some national exchange programs may accept both the ITP and the TOEFL for certain cases. Some institutions in countries where English is not the official language are actually willing to accept all kinds of the test. Acceptance of the test during the admission process is not a common practice among international institutions. The association that owns the exam is called the ETS, and many institutions across the world offer the test.

ITP Assessment Series: A Leading English-Language Testing Program for ages 16+

The ITP Assessment Series is a leading English-proficiency testing program for ages 16+ that allows you to measure and evaluate your students' English-language skills with confidence. Know where your students are and inspire them to do better.

What to do if you want TOEFL

A good score on the test depends on your reasons for taking it. What matters is what you need to do for your score on the TOEFL.

TOEFL Test Preparation

The TOEFL is accepted by over 11,000 universities and other institutions in more than 150 countries. Most English-speaking countries accept the TOEFL scores for study, work and immigration. Prospective students planning to go abroad for higher studies are attracted to the exam's wide acceptance.

The United States has 9 universities that accept the TOEFL scores for admission. Statistics can be found in other English-speaking countries. Many universities in non-English speaking countries accept the test scores of the students as an eligibility criteria.

After 2 days before the test date, online registration is not possible. A late fee of US 40 will be charged if you register before the test date. Prospective test takers will be able to practice sample papers of the test from the ETS so that they can get ready for the exam.

The sample papers of the TOEFL are just one of the free exam preparation resources that can be used to prepare for the computer-based exam. The sample papers of the test will contain questions that are similar to the ones asked in the exam, and so one can get an idea about the types of questions asked, distribution of questions, important topics, etc. The scores for the test are valid for two years.

PDF score reports are usually ready for download within 8 days of the test, but the candidate can download a PDF copy of their scores through their accounts. To get a paper copy of the score report before taking the test, one has to request it from the test administrator. If the applicants are not satisfied with their scores, they can take the test any number of times, but only if there is a 12-day period between test dates.

How to Find a Test that is Good for You?

The most popular test is the iBT. The test takes 4 hours to complete, but you can register and take it at designated centers in almost all countries. Everyone gets 60 minutes for the entire section of the reading in the IELTS if they have 3 passages and 20 minutes each.

You are given a minute to prepare your talk and then given a pencil and paper to write your notes on. The examiner will stop you after 2 minutes and ask you questions on the same topic. You are given a short passage of 3 paragraphs.

It is usually something from a textbook. You read it for 3 minutes. You listen to a lecture about the same topic.

It depends on what test your university is seeking. Harvard Business School, INSEAD, Yale, and other universities are included. It is difficult when they say they accept either one of the two.

The score on the IELTS is better accepted in Europe than in the US and Australia, according to most ex-test takers and experts. The institutes in America receive better reception from the test. If you are given a choice, go for the one that gives you the best chance of scoring better on the test.

The International English Language Testing System

The system is called the International English Language Testing System. The result is valid for two years. The test is offered multiple times a year.

There is no online version of the test. The tests of English are used to assess candidates' English skills. Universities in English speaking countries accept both the IELTS and the TOEFL scores.

While the TOEFL focuses on North American countries, the IELTS is more broad. The general version of the IELTS is for people who are not going to English speaking countries for higher studies, while the more specific version of the TOEFL is for people who are going to English speaking countries. You can take the test if you are going to North America.

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