What Is Tuition Remission?


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Published: 20 Nov 2021

The Waiver Department Number 2044

The Waiver Department Number 2044 is located in the Stipend and Resident Tuition Remission area of the agreement, and is used to enter the tuition waivers that a University fellowship student receives.

Fee waivers and the CsS Profile

A tuition waiver is not a loan and is not a scholarship. A tuition waiver is a different type of award than a scholarship or a grant, which is earned for a specific situation or achievement. Students who demonstrate financial need are usually given fee waivers.

Some schools will allow students to avoid paying the application fee if they meet certain requirements, such as making an official on-campus visit. The institutional grants and scholarships are awarded by private schools and state universities using theCSS Profile. The main use of the FAFSA is to help you qualify for federal aid, including grants, work-study dollars and student loans.

You were able to get an SAT fee waiver because of theCSS Profile Fee Waiver. Your family income is not very high. You are an orphan or ward of the court.

You can't lie on the profile. The student who lies on theCSS Profile will be fined up to $20,000 and could be sentenced to up to five years in jail. If you have money left over from your grant, you can either ask the school to hold the funds for you or get the rest as a refund.

Tuition Remission and Benefits for Tertiary Education

For students graduating with no assurance of a well-paying job after graduation, tuition remission is a way around this. Parents can use tuition remission to make sure that their child is not saddled with student debt from the start of their career. Grants and scholarships do not need to be repaid, but they require prospective students to meet the highest academic standards and are limited in availability.

College loans are the most accessible option, but they need to be repaid which can cause a strain on students after graduation. It is possible to pay for tertiary education with tuition remission. Depending on the college, tuition remission policies can be 50% to 100% discount on course fees.

A tuition remission scholarship is given to an employee of a college. The application criteria for college are different. Some require a financial need, while others may require the parent to be a regular full-time employee or have worked there for a certain number of months or years.

There are some limitations to tuition remission. Employees who are full-time may not be able to register as students. Some colleges offer tuition remission for step-children, as well as the status and age of children.

Some universities may only offer a graduate degree and not an undergraduate degree, so employees of a college or university should be careful to note what benefits are available to their spouses or domestic partners. If an employee is in service at the university while their spouse is using tuition remission benefits, the spouse will lose their benefits when the divorce is concluded. The onus is on the employee to make sure they understand the requirements for themselves and their dependents if they choose to use tuition remission.

Special Education Programs in College

Special education programs in colleges are referred to as tuition remission. If a student or their parent's employment is related to education or health care, it can offer some discounts or free classes.

The Tuition Remission Program for Regular Full-time Employees

If you are a regular full-time employee and have an appointment of nine months or more, you, your spouse, and your dependent children are eligible to participate in the Tuition Remission Program. Employees who have their percentage time worked decrease below eligibility requirements will not be able to participate in the benefit plan. If you are a regular full-time employee, you may not be eligible for Tuition Remission benefits because you are not a full-time student.

Full-time student status is 12 or more credits. If you are a regular full-time employee, you are not eligible for benefits as a spouse or dependent of another employee. If a service requirement applies to the Tuition Remission benefits, only continuous and full-time service with Boston University is counted.

The Tuition Remission Program at Salem State University

The Tuition Remission program provides eligible state employees, dependent children and spouses with 100% of the tuition for courses and programs at Salem State University. Tuition remission does not cover fees. 50% of the tuition is forgiven for those who enroll in programs or courses through Continuing and Professional Studies.

Fee Remission System for Students with Foreign Tuition

The fee remission system is available to people who can't pay the fee. If they have to pay court fees, they should check to see how much they have to pay. The Tuition Exchange scholarship is competitive and you must apply.

Tuition Remission Benefit for Dependent Children of Full-time Faculty and Staff Members

For one summer, dependent children of full-time faculty and staff members can receive tuition remission. A summer session is eligible for eligible tuition. The dean or director of the academic unit will make the determination.

Study abroad programs are self-supporting and require a sufficient number of students to be enroll to make the course cost effective. The employee will be responsible for any program costs that are approved. Staff members who have a salary of $106,586 or less are entitled to full tuition remission.

Staff members with a salary over $106,586 are entitled to 50% tuition remission. Faculty members below the rank of Associate Professor are entitled to full tuition remission. Faculty members who are above the rank of Associate Professor are entitled to 50% tuition remission.

Tuition Repayment for Regularly Appointed Faculty and Staff

If you are a regularly appointed full-time faculty or staff member, you may be able to get tuition remission for yourself and your dependents if you meet certain eligibility requirements.

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