What Is Turnitin Similarity Score?


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Published: 2 Dec 2021

How much plagiarism is acceptable?

When your paper contains copied content, the question of acceptable similarity and how much percentage is too much arises. It is important for students to know the best similarity index, especially if they want to escape their professor. There should be a very little amount of plagiarism when writing a publication manuscript, with the exception of the few quotations with proper citations.

All is not about a low score. Sometimes a score of zero is ideal, but it is not always. Many people still want to know the score that is safe for them to submit their assignments.

The plagiarism policies used to administer their testing procedures can affect the acceptable plagiarism score. Some universities are more strict than others. The paper is highlighted by Turnitin.

Similar to SafeAssign, Turnitin flags off all matching content. You can cheat SafeAssign and Turnitin by uploading your task or paraphrasing content. A paper that is well-researched and contains external information is a good example of plagiarism.

It is not possible to write a paper with external sources and not have a few matching tests to get a low score on the scanner. The names of books, government bodies, and organizations are unavoidable plagiarism. The paper can show a high score of plagiarism, but no copy-pasting was done.

Similarity Reports

Similarity Reports give a summary of the text found in a submitted paper. A similarity score percentage will be made available when a Similarity Report is available. The Similarity column has a grayed out icon that represents reports that have not yet finished. Reports that are not available may not have been generated yet.

What counts as an acceptable similarity score?

Students should consult their instructor's syllabus, contact them directly, or review their institution's overarching policies on what counts as an acceptable similarity score before they submit a paper. Every school, instructor, or assignment could have a different amount of matching text.

How to Get A Graded Examiner's Choice

The acceptable score will be high if the instructor has selected no. If everyone is writing on the same topic, there is more chance of plagiarism. If three words match in a single line, plagiarism will be considered.

The Similarity Report

The student papers are compared against the content in the database and the instructor makes the decision. Instructors need to look at the Similarity Report to see if there is a problem. There are many settings and options for adapting to your needs.

Students can be allowed to resubmit and receive revised reports, but instructors can decide not to. The likelihood that a 16-word match is a coincidence is less than 1 in a trillion. If the instructor wants to exclude common phrases, they can use the ability to exclude "small sources" in the Turnitin.

If the material is only available in print, there are definitely sources that are not in the database. The sources that students use most are included in the collection. There is no threshold similarity score that is good or bad.

What Is Turnitin Similarity Score: A Survey

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What Is Similarity Score?

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TurnItIn: A Study of the Effects on Academic Research Paper Quality

A similar rate in TurnItIn may be a reason for you to be concerned. Various institutions have a percentage that is allowed. If you exceed the set TurnItIn percentage, you may be punished.

If you have a high rate in TurnItIn, you should take the necessary actions to remove it. Students are encouraged not to put up literature reviews together in the research paper. They should break the paragraphs down with explanations of what they get from various sources, which may not be the exact wordings of another author.

Chances of similarity are important since teachers may repeat the topics for research. Most institutions agree that a TurnItIn percentage over 10% is too much. A high TurnItIn plagiarism percentage means that most parts of your paper are a result of copying and paste.

It can cost your grades in the long run if you have suchIrregularities. Your academic career may be at risk. Minor plagiarism shows that you consulted several sources in your research.

The research should build on what others have already done. Minor plagiarism should not be a reason to be concerned when you perform a TurnItIn percentage check. You will be on the safe side if you have a score of around 5%.

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