What Is Vertebral Body Tethering?


Author: Roslyn
Published: 26 Nov 2021

Surgical Recovery of Children's Lung

Your child will be shown exercises to help their lungs recover after surgery. Within 48 hours of surgery, the chest tube and urinary catheter are usually removed. Before your child is discharged, the incision will be checked and X-rays will be taken to make sure the implants are stable.

Vichal Body Tethering

The treatment vitchal body tethering has shown promising results. The long-term success rate is not known. The surgeons have performed and refined the surgery for decades.

Spinal Tethering

During a tethering surgery, surgeons attach screws to the spine. They attach the tether to the screws. The tether is applied to the spine.

VBT Techniques for Spin Fusion

The hospital stay for a spine fusion is the same as for a spine tethering. The VBT technique uses screws and a fiber tether that are implanted into each of the body's bones, and can be done either thoracoscopically or minimally in the body.

A watch and wait approach to VBT for Scoliosis

VBT is a surgical treatment for treating Scoliosis. The surgery was developed in the United States of America by a group of surgeons. A flexible plastic cord is attached to each screw and tightened to pull the spine straight after the pedicle screws are anchored.

The spine is tensioned to allow for the spine to grow in length and for additional straightening until the adolescent is done growing. The cord can break if it's too much tension. The rest of the spine is tethered when the tether breaks.

Recovery in VT Patients

The pace of recovery is different for each patient. A VT patient can resume sports and exercise three months after surgery, even though additional information about activity restrictions will be given to the patient at a follow-up visit. Your care team can help you with a recovery plan.

A Conversation with Allan C. Beebe

Allan C. Beebe is the director of the Department of Orthopedic Trauma at Nationwide Children's Hospital and the director of the Center for Comprehensive Spine Care at Nationwide Children's Hospital. Dr. Beebe is an assistant professor of medicine at The Ohio State University College of Medicine and the assistant program director of the Mount Carmel Residency Training Program. Dr. Beebe completed a fellowship inPediatrics at the Hospital for Sick Children after receiving his medical degree from the University of Chicago. Dr. Beebe's interests include sports medicine, as well as hip, knee and foot issues.

VBT: A Professional and Kindly Assisted Spinal Rehabilitation Facility

VBT helps to correct a common type of scoliosis called Idiopathic Scoliosis by attaching screws to the outside of the curve and placing a tether on the affected vertebra. The cord is tensioned to achieve the desired degree of correction. VBT allows for correction of spine curvature as your child grows.

Spinal Surgery for Scoliosis

The technology available to treat curves in the spine continues to evolve, and each case of Scoliosis different. Doctors are working to come up with new treatments for kids with Scoliosis. One treatment that is used is twinning. It is important to consider all options that could be successful, including bracing, which can help patients with mild to moderate curves.

The role of the procedure for obtaining smooth and reliable correction

The situation is that long term follow up studies confirm that traditional correction of the curve with screws and rods is effective. VBT is a new procedure that needs careful assessment and good quality follow-up data in order to be used in selected cases. The procedure can achieve safe correction while preserving flexibility and maintenance in the long term, but researchers need to establish that.

The FDA and the SRS

The FDA regulatory policies are specific to the United States. The policies of the FDA may differ from those of the regulatory agency in each member nation of the SRS.

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