What Is Wise Mind Accepts?


Author: Richelle
Published: 20 Nov 2021

Emotional Acceptance and Balance in the DBT

The skills that are challenged by DBT are to remain the moment, accept and regulate intense emotions, and make effectiveInterpersonal choices. One of the ways in which DBT teaches tolerance of emotional distress is through distraction with a series of activities called Wise Mind Accepts. One of the key mindsets of the DBT is wise mind. A person can approach the world with balance if they combine rational thinking and emotional awareness.

ACCEPTS: A Tool for Managing Complex Systems

The ACCEPTS acronym has skills that keep you busy and distracted when you are most focused on a crisis. It is easy to dwell on the bad things that are happening, but focusing on the good things will get you through hard times.

Wise Mind

The therapy was originally created to help people who feel overwhelmed by their emotions. The concept of Wise Mind can beneficial to everyone.

Use your five senses to self-soothe

Use your five senses to self-soothe. A self-soothing behavior could be taking a warm bath with a lavender bath bomb and relaxing music, eating a comforting snack, or watching your favorite show. Anything that appeals to your senses can help you deal with the situation.

Imagine being in a good place when the situation is over, and dealing with the problem successfully. You may be able to change the outcome of the problem in your favor by doing so. You can use any form of prayer that works for you.

The prayer can be to God or the universe. If you want tolerate the situation a little longer, surrender your problems. You can use a pen, run your fingers through your hair, or use a toy that makes you feel touched by using your sense of touch.

The Wisdom of Mind

The wise mind skill is taught to people who are conditioned to invalidating their experience, to relearn to listen to their inner wisdom, or intuition. Wise Mind is about using both emotion and intellect to inform decisions in the service of better judgement and balanced decision making. Learning to identify what is emotional reasoning, rational reasoning, and intuition can help people realize where their impulses, instincts, and problems with decision making and judgment come from.

You can make better decisions about what state of mind you should be relying on with an understanding of what state of mind is telling your thoughts. If you stick to your reasonable mind for long, it will feel unbearable and you will drown everything else out. You go back to your emotional mind and engage in impulsive behavior that leaves a mess in the aftermath.

The Mind of Reasonable and Emotional

The emotional mind and reasonable mind coexist in the mental state of Wise Mind. Wise Mind includes an element of personal intuition with information from both your Emotional and Reasonable minds.

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