What Is Wise Mind?


Author: Artie
Published: 1 Dec 2021

Wise Mind

The therapy was originally created to help people who feel overwhelmed by their emotions. The concept of Wise Mind can beneficial to everyone.

The Wisdom of the Mind

How do you know if you're listening to your mind? How to get to it? What can you do with your mind?

If you have questions that are so incomprehensible that you can't remember them, then you should waste no time and read further. The name suggests that an emotional mind is required to make decisions. When your mind is weak, your emotions take over.

The emotional mind is required in certain aspects of life even though a reasonable mind is critical. The emotional brain and reasonable brain overlap in wise mind. It creates a balance between the two states of mind.

You can create a calm state of mind with good skills. It brings rationality and emotional state together to learn to act on intuition. One of the main tenets of dialectical behavior therapy is the presence of a wise mind, a mind that is intuitive, lives in the moment, and always finds a balance between the emotional and rational mind.

All age groups are meant to be covered by the program. It is a program that teaches people how to manage their emotional states in times of stress and how to self-esteem. Your quiet and intuitive place is called the wise mind.

What Have You Done Recently?

Try to think about a problem in your life that is bothering you. Give yourself a few minutes to think about that. What has been an issue for you lately?

Maybe you don't know what you want to do with your life, and that has made you feel uneasy. You may have started to think about how boring your life has been, and how much you enjoy it. To make sure that you came up with a solution to the problem that is really based on your thinking, you can check if you were aware of both your emotions and facts.

Were you being too objective and blocking out your emotions? Were you aware of how your body reacted when you thought about the situation or were you just pushing it all below the surface? It is possible to take a few moments to reflect on how it all makes you feel.

The Concept of Wisdom

The state where reasonable mind and emotion mind are integrated is called wise mind. In wise mind, reasonable mind and emotion are related. You can use the Mind and Emotion Mind to balance your perception of a situation.

You can view matters more accurately and your emotions don't rule you when you do that. You can feel a sense of peace with wise mind. You may find that you have a sense of revelation when you practice breathwork and use wise mind.

You know what's going on when you realize the truth. You can see your emotions from the outside. Intellectualizing your feelings can be helpful for making practical decisions.

You can see your feelings from the outside. It can be difficult to make decisions in a practical way. Practice is needed to get to the synthesis of reasonable mind and emotion mind.

It is difficult to get to the rational part of emotions. You can distort facts when you're in an emotional mindset. When you use logic to make decisions, you can balance emotional concerns.

Emotional Mind and Rational Mental Health

It is important to note that situations which bring about the Emotional Mind and Rational Mind can vary greatly between individuals. The Emotional Mind can hijack the decision to eat for dinner by a person who is trying to cut back on junk food. Individual differences are important here.

Symbolic Representation of Your Wise Mind

You can explore images in mythology, fantasy, and folk lore to help you figure out what your symbolic representation of your Wise Mind is. Walk through nature and observe wildlife. Which animals or images are closest to you?

Which ones do you like? Depending on your needs, the symbolic representation of your Wise Mind can change frequently. The first Wise Mind meditation is designed to allow you to be present in the moment and not judgement, while allowing you to feel safe, calm, and confident.

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