What Is Wudu In Islam?


Author: Lorena
Published: 5 Dec 2021

The Importance of the Hair and Other Physical Conditions in a Muslim's Life

Wudu has many benefits. A Muslim who makes wudu at least 5 times a day forms a habit of cleaning, which protects him from illnesses and the effects ofMicrobe. They are benefits of wudu.

Wudu has many spiritual benefits. It is certain that the wudu organs of believers will be bright, beautiful and glowing. It was not given to other ummahs.

2. The end of menstruation and puerperum is the state that is eliminated. Wudu can be invalidated by leaking urine and blood.

A person must not make wudu before the end of the day. If they leak continuously, it is considered an excuse. The part of the face that needs to be washed in wudu is the part between the two earlobes on the head where hair grows.

The hairless area between the beard and the ears is considered to be part of the face and needs to be washed. The people with hirtellous beard need to wash their skin at the bottom of their beard. The skin at the bottom of the beard is not required to be washed.

What is Water?

What are the types of water? The Jewish tradition has three types of Ablution, each with their own type of impurity involved.

Water Access in Mosques

Muslims are not supposed to be wasteful because they only need a small amount of water for water purification. It is recommended to fill a small water container or sink, and not leave the water running. Muslims can use any clean bathroom or sink. In mosques, there are special areas set aside for water access, with low faucets, seats, and floor drain to make it easier to reach the water.

The bath and the wudu

The main condition for the bath and wudu is that the water should reach the parts of the body that are not covered by the bath. If something blocks, that bath or wudu will not be valid.

Wudu is not compulsory

Being Muslim, being of sound mind, having reached the age of discernment and having the intention of doing wudu are some of the conditions of wudu. Wudu is not valid on the part of a kafir, an insane person, a small child who has not yet reached the age of discernment, or a person who does not have the intention of doing wudu. The majority of scholars differ on whether Bismillah is compulsory or not. It can be said at the beginning of wudu or during it.

The Law of the Mudu

Smoking and drugs are against the law. Smoking does not affect wudu. A smoker should clean his mouth before going to the mosque to avoid a bad smell.

A Rule for the Use of Water in a Medical Application

A, sit at a high place. Take the water out of the pot. It is better to be seen.

There is no harm if there is no chance for it. Roll up your sleeves and then wash your hands. Run water on your forehead softly and wash it from the forehead to the chin and either side of the face.

Then wash the left hand in the same way as the right. Then wet your hands and put them over the heads, ears, and neck. It is called masah.

Only one Masah should be done on each part. If the hand is wet after washing, masah is allowed. It is not allowed to do masah with the hand that has already been used.

The hand that was dry will not be allowed with the one that washed or moistened. A. hikal of fingers means that the fingers of one hand should be put into the other hand pulled out together. The hikal of the toes is done by the little finger of the left hand, beginning from the little toe of the right foot and ending with the little toe of the left foot.

Pre-seminal discharge and pure fluid

A pre-seminal discharge is when a woman or a man has a state of sexual arousal. It is not clean and invalidates wudu. A woman discharges normal female fluids without any sexual arousal or disease.

They are pure and do not need wudu. There is no evidence to prove that they are not good. There is no evidence to show that thelution is invalidated.

Point 4 is important. It does not matter. The distinction is based on the color of the fluids and the other conditions that accompany them.

A note on the importance of bathing in prayer

A full bath is a bigger way to clean oneself if the believer wants to make himself pure to present himself in prayer. If one takes a bath with the intention of making himself better for prayer, there is no need to do wudu again.

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