What Is Yarn Count?


Author: Albert
Published: 13 Nov 2021

Count of Synthetic Fiber

The count of yarn is a representation of the weight units. The yarn should be coarser if the count is higher. Synthetic fiber, jute, silk, and other items are usually used in the system.

Fineness of Chemical Fibers

The yarn count is an important indicator. The degree of yarn thickness can be expressed by means of S, D, N, Tex, Dtex and so on. Specific fabrics use specifications, for example the Tex., which is used in scientific literature.

The expression of the fineness of the chemical fiber is called Denier. It means that the weight grams of a long wire are returned. 75D is thicker than 50D because the D value is larger.

The count is the standard for yarn thickness. The higher the yarn count, the more fine the yarn and the thinner the cloth is. The cost of cloth is high because of the high quality of raw materials and requirements for yarn mills and textile weaving mills.

There is a myth about excessive pursuit of high numbers and high density. If you listen to the business that sells cloth, most of the products are 40s, but be careful, they may be 60s cotton or even 80s. The price will be very expensive if the cloth has 80s washed, because it is too dense.


Hank is a linear value. The number of yards is equal to one hank. The value of the yarn is one count if it is equal to the yard.

Cotton Count and Denier

The cotton count is the number of yarn lengths in one pound. It means that the number of yarns needed to be weighed. 30 count yarn is equivalent to 30 yarns of 800 yards length and is needed to make one pound weight.

The denier is a unit of measurement that is used to determine the fiber thickness of individual threads. A high denier count fabric is thick, sturdy, and durable. The fabrics with a low denier count are usually soft and silky.

The Price of Cotton

There can be overlap between machines. You can use bulky yarns on both machines, as well as fingering yarns on mid-gauge machines. It depends on how they are being used.

The price of cotton increases when it is treated. mercerized cotton will cost more than plain cotton, and gassed cotton will cost more than plain cotton. Then add in the country of origin of the cotton.

The price varies again. American cotton is the cheapest, while Egyptian and Pima cotton are the most expensive, and there is no cotton that holds its shape and its color better than the Egyptian cotton. Cotton can be washed or dried.

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