What Is Zalgo?


Author: Richelle
Published: 21 Nov 2021

The Fabric of Reality

The fabric of reality is screaming "He comes!" and the web comic characters and fonts are being torn apart. There are a lot of maws, stingers, and mass of tentacles. The eyes turn to black and run down their cheeks like tears of oil. The Font loses coherence.

Zalgo: A Knight in Silver with a Corona of Black Lightning

Most people don't agree on what Zalgo actually looks like, and portrayals vary greatly. Zalgo is depicted as a knight in silver armor with a corona of black lightning.

Zalgo Text

Zalgo is a fictional character, and Zalgo text is a combination of multiple characters to each letter. Adding a specific mark to the letter or string can easily be used to generate Zalgo text. They look like they have been printed wrong, because the characters and symbols are all over each other. The main text is visible while the area on the top and beneath of it is filled with transitioned texts and symbols.

Zalgo and H.P Lovecraft

Zalgo is a villain that is popular with the media, along with Slender Man, Jeff the Killer and Eyeless Jack. Zalgo is a being who can cause death and insanity and cause total destruction of the world. H.P Lovecraft's works are very similar to Zalgo.

Zalgo's Form

Zalgo's form is described as something not even a god can comprehend as it is filled with immense power and black and red light. It is described as something frightening, something that can cause the sanest person to be mad, and something even beyond insanity. It is described as pure torture and possibly worse.

There are pictures of a dark cloud that are said to have encouraged horrible things to happen in one of the pyramids. In one illustration, a pharaoh's eyes are glowing red as a dark cloud surrounds him. It is highly likely that Zalgo possessed him and ruled for a while.

The SCP-173 sculpture

There is a description. The sculpture is made of concrete. It can move at high speeds and can either snap at the base of the skull or choke to death. When it is in the line of sight of a person, SCP-173 is unable to move.

Zalgo: The Internet Meme

The internet meme Zalgo started in 2004. It is about an entity called Zalgo, which corrupts web comics so that they are dark, warped, twisted versions of themselves.

Putting symbols in the middle of text

The Zalgo text generator adds symbols in the middle of your text. Some browsers and systems that are not as good with symbols are going to turn some letters into squares, so putting stuff in the middle is discouraged.

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